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Regulatory and Professional Disciplinary Matters

These matters involve a dispute with regulatory and licensing bodies such as the Dental Council of NSW, the Australian Medical Association, NSW Fair Trading, ASIC etc.

It can be overwhelming as a professional who may have experienced hardship’s arising from events outside their control and in turn triggering their respectful regulatory body to begin monitoring them. For example, a medical practitioner or sporting athlete who finds themselves charged with a criminal offence such as drink driving, assault, domestic violence or possessions of illicit drugs may have their professional careers restricted or even worse suspended or revoked.

Professional legal advice is critical in this circumstance as the lawyer must strategically balance advising upon their clients’ interests with respect to criminal offending and maintaining their professional licensing to continue employment and generate income.

In some instances, professional misconduct may be referred to various law enforcement bodies where criminal proceedings can be initiated. A criminal defence lawyer will advise upon these areas sensitively managing competing interests to ensure their client is well informed as to the instructions they are providing and achieving their desired results.


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