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There are several types of structures inside legal firms nowadays. Traditional firms, especially in the big law sector, have one of the most complex and intricated hierarchies found in the corporate world. These structures can be easily compared to those of the European monarchies of the XV century, and still, much more complicated. In addition, unless you are a high-profile client or a celebrity, there is little to no chance that your case will be taken by any of the naming partners of the firm.

A more modern approach to these structures procures for a horizontal system while taking away all the titles and all the juniors, seniors, naming and all the other types of partners and associates. These firms, where legally authorized, changed their names into actual companies instead of the last names of the founders. They are all considered equals and promote collaborative work and voting rights for everyone in the firm.

Regardless of the name, structure or hierarchy, all the lawyers inside these firms are qualified to deal with your questions and needs in terms of criminal defence law, if that is one of their areas of practice. The differences in hierarchy, are more about the participation of those lawyers, the billable hours and clients that they bring on a monthly basis, than experience or quality. Even when your originating lawyer withdraws from assisting in a hearing or deposition, and another lawyer assists, such a lawyer surely has the same skills as the leading lawyer originally assigned to your case.

Great law firms are truly filled with expert legal practitioners, and, whether they have one of these structures, all of them are experienced professionals, with hundreds of hours inside the courtroom or negotiating settlements for their clients. Given the above, do not be afraid if your case is not handled by one of the people on the wall, or the last names in the business cards. Becoming a lawyer is a very difficult task, and all who accomplish this are more than suited for the job.

This same perspective applies with clients. All cases are the same in terms of importance and attention. There may be clients who are paying millions of dollars on legal advisory and representation, but for your specific lawyer or criminal defence team, you are the most important client. In fact, every lawyer that handles cases on a personal, comprehensive manner, feels that all cases are important. The above mentioned is especially true on criminal law, as lawyers make a certain connection with defendants, as they are both struggling to avoid life-changing consequences.

While this may encourage you to trust your current law firm or to look for another one immediately, it is vital that the criminal defence team working on your case, treats you accordingly. In the event that you do not feel comfortable, heard and valued by your legal advisors, you can either have a conversation with your leading lawyer or look for a firm where your money and your problems are important for them.

From the first telephone call, made from a police station, to the last moment of the appeal, your legal team must give 110% and dedicate considerable time, staff and resources to get the best possible outcome for your criminal case. All the lawyers and support staff working on the case must provide the best possible service.

Take into consideration that lawyers and legal practices are governed by regulatory provisions and bodies. These rules prevent them from misconduct and detial their legal obligations as representatives. Disciplinary action against lawyers can result in the suspension or banning from practice and in some instances criminal prosecution. Lawyers must behave in a certain manner and follow standard practices. Lawyers are first officers of the court sworn to honour and integrity before they are a lawyer to their client.

In conclusion, you deserved to be treated with care and respect and must feel valued and heard, regardless of your weekly invoices or case complexity. In the same manner, all the lawyers inside a criminal law firm are perfectly capable of handling all the ups and downs of the prosecution and trial and will treat you in the same professional manner giving your case the importance that it deserves. Trust your criminal defence team as you are indeed, in good hands.


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