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Daniel Wakim has been working with Longton Legal over the past 10 years and has assisted them with respect to developing their criminal law client base and setting up their own criminal law practicing before starting his own practice and taking a advisory and consultancy role with Longton Legal as Special Counsel.

Longton Legal

Daniel Wakim first began working with Madison Marcus as Special Counsel focusing on managing their criminal law clients. Daniel was able to achieve great results and success in assisting Madison Marcus that they have launched their own criminal law practice, Jackson John. Daniel continues to work with and assist Madison Marcus and Jackson John as Special Counsel.

Madison Marcus

Daniel Wakim joined HP Legal as Special Counsel managing extremely sensitive and complex legal matters. He has been able to achieve outstanding result for the clients and continues to consult them with respect to criminal law matters.

HP Legal

Daniel Wakim joined Gartree Thomson Lawyers as Special Counsel and has assisted them with criminal law matters and consultancy. He has always been accessible to answer and train civil litigators with respect to criminal law issues that may arise from corporate or civil litigations in turn assisting with respect to strategic development of legal advice

Gartree Thomson Lawyers

Daniel provided special counsel and consultancy services to many Law Practices, Corporate Bodies and Institutional Bodies. He is known for maintaining his honour and integrity and being an extremely competent and expert criminal defence lawyers.

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