Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Every member of the Cullen Knox Collective is highly qualified to advise upon and manage all criminal law matters ranging from Murder to Drink Driving.

Facing criminal law litigation is an extremely stressful and emotional time in your life, and it can affect you on both a personal and professional level. That’s why all members of the Cullen Knox Collective work with you to provide you with a clear step-by-step guide to criminal law procedures. This will help keep you well-informed and well-prepared throughout your entire journey.

When you contact Cullen Knox, our network of legal specialists will listen to you to gain a full understanding of your criminal law matter, before putting you in touch with the right Lawyer for your needs.

Your Lawyer will then advise you on appropriate pleas (Not Guilty or Guilty with mitigation) and thoroughly workshop all forensic advantages and merit against the evidence and rules of law. From there, they will seek particularised and clear instructions to ensure you have all available defences, or identify strong subjective circumstances mitigating the matter to achieve the best sentence outcome for you.

The areas of criminal law our members practice and advise on include: