Regulatory and Sporting Bodies

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Regulatory and Sporting Bodies

These matters involve a dispute with regulatory and licensing bodies such as the Dental Council of NSW, the Australian Medical Association, NSW Fair Trading, ASIC, NRL, NBL etc.

Corporations are implementing great HR strategies and trainee programs to educate their stakeholders with respect to new and changing behavioural society demand.

Private professionals may require consulting a criminal defence lawyer if they believe they may be subject to inquiry of misconduct. Consulting our criminal defence lawyers will also assist with respect to their ability strategically respond for the professional clients to misconduct allegations and public relation matters.

In the Sporting Industry, Athletes have so much to lose, with no fault stand down clauses and other restrictive contractual obligations regarding offensive conduct and behaviour off field.

Sporting bodies that implement training stakeholders regarding criminal offending and behaviour ensure risk management and protective measures are implemented reducing the loss of staff or worse a public relations nightmare and damage to branding.

Further sporting teams stand to suffer extremely if key players are not available to assist their teams effectively compete in their sporting code due to criminal or offending conduct off field.

Our consultancy and training services provide key advisory concepts in bringing awareness and reducing risk of criminal offending.