Special Counsel


Here at Cullen Knox, we work with Australian Corporate Law firms and other corporate entities who do not offer Criminal Law advice or have risk management systems in place to provide the advice that they and their clients need.
Through our Special Counsel and Advisory services, we enable Government departments, private corporations and more to eliminate their exposure to criminal liability with the implementation of our recommendations and advice.

For Corporate Law firms

At Cullen Knox, we understand that many legal firms do not practice Criminal Defence law – and for good reason. It’s an extremely complex legal discipline with an ever-changing precedent and legislative environment.

That’s why we offer Special Counsel services that enable us to act on your behalf when you retain a client charged over a criminal law matter.

We can implement the right legal strategies, prepare the evidence to support their legal argument and work to obtain the best result possible based on their specific situation.

For Government or Corporate Entities

With so many new and evolving issues regarding the management of diverse workplaces, conflicting cultures and general human interactions, it’s important for corporations and other organisations to do what they can to prevent criminal offences and litigation within or against their corporation.

Our Special Counsel services offers confidence to these corporations through strategic Criminal Law advice and risk management protocols and allow them to protect their people and their reputation within the wider community.

The Benefits of Seeking Special Counsel at Cullen Knox

Retain more clients

Protect your corporation

Get expert help when you need it