Public Inquiries

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) NSW

ICAC operates with significant authority and covert investigative ability. They can easily compel you to participate in both private and public hearings and refer you for criminal prosecution if deemed necessary.

At the Cullen Knox Collective, our expert members can work with you to manage and advise upon the best strategy and approach for you to take when summoned to appear before an ICAC hearing.

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Royal Commission

In Australia, a Royal Commission is the highest form of public inquiry on matters of public importance. A Royal Commission holds broad powers to gather information to assist with its inquiry, including the ability to summons you to appear as a witness and the power to request you or your organisation to produce documents as evidence.

The Cullen Knox Collective provides you with access to the best Australian criminal law experts that can travel anywhere around the nation to deliver strategic advice and appear on your behalf if you are subject to a Royal Commission. Each member of our Collective has the experience to efficiently deal with all procedural and evidentiary matters to protect you throughout the determination of your criminal liability.

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If you’ve found yourself the subject of a public inquiry, contact the Cullen Knox Collective today to find the right Lawyer that can assist you throughout your investigation.

Regulatory and Professional Disciplinary Matters

These matters involve a dispute with regulatory and licensing bodies such as the Dental Council of NSW, the Australian Medical Association, NSW Fair Trading, ASIC etc.

It can be overwhelming as a professional who may have experienced hardship’s arising from events outside their control and in turn triggering their respectful regulatory body to begin monitoring them. For example, a medical practitioner or sporting athlete who finds themselves charged with a criminal offence such as drink driving, assault, domestic violence or possessions of illicit drugs may have their professional careers restricted or even worse suspended or revoked.

Professional legal advice is critical in this circumstance as the lawyer must strategically balance advising upon their clients’ interests with respect to criminal offending and maintaining their professional licensing to continue employment and generate income.

In some instances, professional misconduct may be referred to various law enforcement bodies where criminal proceedings can be initiated. A criminal defence lawyer will advise upon these areas sensitively managing competing interests to ensure their client is well informed as to the instructions they are providing and achieving their desired results.