Disciplinary and Regulatory Matters

Disciplinary and Regulatory Matters

When you’re operating in a regulated or licenced industry, it’s possible that you could face disciplinary action from your respective Regulatory Authority if you’re charged with a criminal offence or found not to be operating within the legislative mandates prescribed.

In these circumstances, our expert members of the Cullen Knox Collective can step in to assist you by promptly identifying the overlapping of criminal and administrative law to secure your freedom and maintain your ability to generate income to sustain your financial livelihood and expenses.

In some instances, professional misconduct may be referred by your Regulatory Authority to various law enforcement bodies where criminal proceedings can then be initiated. When this happens, the Cullen Knox Collective can provide you with access to the right Lawyer to prepare your criminal law matter while simultaneously responding to all disciplinary matters (administrative law) brought upon you by your Regulatory Authority with the strategic advice that you need to best position you for a successful outcome.

The Regulatory Authorities that our members are well-versed in dealing with include The Law Society of NSW, ASIC, Fair Trading NSW, the Dental Council of NSW, the Australian Medical Association, and more.

Contact the Cullen Knox Collective today to find the right Lawyer that can assist you with your disciplinary and regulatory matters.