How We Work

Cullen Knox enables you to find the right Criminal Law or Special Counsel services that you need.


Here at Cullen Knox, our platform works to connect Criminal Defence Lawyers and Special Counsel with the individuals, corporations and business entities that seek their services.

Find the best Criminal Defence Lawyer for your situation

If you’re an individual or business entity requiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer for your matter, Cullen Knox can help you to find the right lawyer for your circumstances.

From the moment you contact us, we’ll listen to you position and work to gain a better understanding of your needs, helping to give you full confidence that the lawyers we recommend are well aligned with your specific requirements.

Get the right advice when you need it most

For Government or Corporate Bodies, as well as Law Firms without the ability to provide Criminal Law advice, seeking Special Counsel is a tried and tested solution to help you navigate the Criminal Law system.

Here at Cullen Knox, we can provide you with Special Counsel services, whether you need a criminal law matter resolved or you’re looking for advice to help mitigate criminal law matters in the future

Reach out to Cullen Knox today

With our support, you can ask questions, learn more and feel confident knowing that we will point you in the direction of the right Criminal Defence Lawyer that best aligns with your specific requirements.