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We know of many legal firms that do not practice in criminal defence law and let’s face it why would they.

The criminal defence lawyer faces extremely complex legal argument in an always changing precedent based and legislative environment, practices in aggressive conflict driven litigation and is managing highly sensitive and confrontational content.

On top of their legal workload, criminal defence lawyers must manage highly emotional clients whose very liberty (like taking their children to school or buying milk) could be taken away from them, making file management, taking instructions, and preparing evidence an ever more difficult task.

One solution we heard such non-criminal defence law firms implement, is upon retaining a client charged with a criminal offence, “we’ll simply brief a barrister for you”.

Our experience with this approach evidently causes a strategic and catastrophic disadvantage regarding the preparation of a meritorious defence reply to the prosecution case.

See the criminal law barrister is effectively, a trial advocate, amongst other things, their talent comes as legally competent lyrical orators, specifically trained in advocating the admissibility of evidence, rules of law and the cross examination of witnesses. Their professional craft purely directed at convincing a Judge and Jury as to their legal argument (client’s innocence or subjective circumstances) which is orally presented and supported by documents filed and tendered.

Therein lies the problem, for the barrister to successfully complete their job, they heavily rely on defence evidence served on them and that the integrity of defence case in reply is strategically positioned in meritorious form.

This is where we come in, the Specialist and Expert Criminal Defence Solicitor Advocate, our talents are, client management, legal strategy and tactics (setting the ships sails in the right direction), extensive criminal procedure and litigation knowledge, evidence preparation (defence case in reply and interlocutory matters) and many more important case and litigation management skills.

The criminal law barrister will not liaise with the police officers with carriage of prosecuting a matter or prepare affidavits and proof evidence or attend court for case management direction and mention listings. They generally are not familiar with the local court practice notes or criminal procedure governing the case management of a criminal law matter. They simply do not have the time and it is not cost efficient, they are the executioner’s axe or the Queen on a chess board, strategically brought in to deliver an important strike. Our team have worked with the best barristers and are able to select the most suited trial advocate for the matter at hand. We work with a myriad of experts legal and non-legal to assist in implementing legal strategies and preparing evidence supporting legal argument.

Specialist and Expert Criminal Defence Solicitor Advocates, get involved early on (on arrest), see the big picture and work towards implementing strategies for the achievement of results, while always maintaining the accused’s forensic advantage at criminal law and their expectations. They manage the chess board, are specifically trained and equipped with critical thinking, strategy development and the skillset to sense and know, during a live event (at the police station, case conference or at the bar table before a magistrate), when the direction of a matter is changing, and or what reply ought to be given. They are the first responders, liaising with the very people who have initiated the prosecution against their client. With effective legal management they assist in setting the tone of legal liaison and negotiations by professionally building relationships that will efficiently direct the course a criminal law matter proceeds in.

Using Specialist and Expert Criminal Defence Solicitor Advocates also creates reputational success for the referrer and lawyer, as the client (ultimately a firm’s greatest marketing tool) will now tell their story of safety and security when they were charged and went through criminal law litigation.

Our Special Counsel model ensures client confidentiality and reputational branding remains with the referrer.

Please contact our team for all further enquiries about our services and fees.