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The Cullen Knox Collective was established out of a genuine need for better Criminal Law advice in Australia.
Too many people receive the wrong advice only to find themselves dealing with the life changing and often avoidable consequences.
That’s why we’ve brought together the best Australian Criminal Defence Lawyers from around the country to provide you with the premium legal advice that you deserve – from the very start.

The right advice when you need it most

Whether you’re an individual or a business entity dealing with a Criminal Law matter, the Cullen Knox Collective can help you.

When you first engage with Cullen Knox, you’ll have the opportunity to explain your situation to our team, allowing us to set you in the direction of the Criminal Law firm that is best positioned to represent your Defence and help you resolve your issue.

A sense of trust you won’t get anywhere else

Each member of the Cullen Knox Collective has been meticulously assessed to ensure that they have the experience and expertise to provide the premium law advice that you need.

In doing so, you can have full confidence that your Criminal Defence Lawyer is capable of handling your matter and achieving the best result possible for your situation.

The Benefits of the Cullen Knox Collective

Everything you need in one place

Premium Law advice

Feel heard and understood