If you’ve been wrongfully convicted of a crime or received a manifestly excessive penalty on sentence, the Cullen Knox Collective can assist you with your conviction or severity appeal.

Each member of our professional Collective is capable of offering quick and accurate legal advice about your Court of Criminal Appeal matter, especially given that criminal law appeals are governed by strict filing timetables for hearings in all jurisdictions like the District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales.

When you contact Cullen Knox, our legal specialists will listen to your situation to help you find the right Lawyer to assist with your appeal. Your chosen Lawyer from our CX Collective will then provide you with detailed merit advice articulating your grounds of appeal and your prospects of success before proceeding to file your appeal.

You may wish to file a severity appeal, in some instances such an appeal may be considered de nova (a new hearing), meaning calling of fresh evidence is permissible, and the Judge may seek to dismiss or grant your appeal and impose a new sentence.

Contact the Cullen Knox Collective today to access quick and easy appeal advice on your criminal conviction or excessive sentence.