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Private Prosecutions and Law Enforcement Reporting

It is assumed that criminal defence lawyers only defend accused persons once prosecutorial proceedings are initiated against them. Well, it’s in the name isn’t it, incorrect, our specialist and expert criminal defence advocate are able to advise on private prosecutions and assist with referrals for law enforcement prosecutions.

The added skill a criminal defence lawyer has when preparing for or advising as to merit in prosecutorial matters is that they are experienced as to defences available. This added advantage allows for qualitative advice that pre-empts the defendant’s response and in preparing the prosecutorial matter in a way that gathers legal evidence to increase prospects of success in litigation.

This advantage can be of significant assistance to the civil litigant in understanding all right available to them in pursuing a defendant.

Our defence lawyers have established years of liaison with law enforcement bodies and professional relationships building reputational goodwill that we are, officers of the court first and foremost and in assisting in the fact finding of justice and advising on evidence.

For example, an accused person charged with a domestic violence offence may themself be a victim of a criminal action brought about by the very alleged victim upon which the accused is charged or a related third party. In this circumstance, blindness to criminal offending based on the fact that the person themself is accused is not justice and cross criminal proceedings ought to be initiated by law enforcement or by way of private prosecution.


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